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The importance of friendship
After a visit to the " Electric Power Company," Big Eye " Mike decided that he must enter monsters university Scare College to learn scare skills in the future. Now, Mike is 17 years old and has entered monsters university as he wished. One night Mike met a huge monster named Sullivan , who was chasing the mascot of monsters university's rival Institute of Terror Technology. The mascot caused Mike trouble and the two became enemies.
Unluckily, by accident, both of them were expelled from the Scare College by the dean, and Sullivan was expelled from his own society. Then Big Eye decided to take part in monsters university's fearsome “terror game” in order to improve himself. Due to the limitation of rules, Sullivan, his enemy, became his comrades - in - arms. In order to return to the Scare College, Big Eye placed a bet with the second-rate “Scare Team” and the dean that if the competition wins, all the players will return to the Scare College and if they are eliminated, they will leave monsters university completely. Then, in the arena where the experts gathered, Big Eye and Sullivan faced unprecedented challenges side by side.
After watching this movie, I think if Mike didn't have the help of Sullivan, he might never be able to return to Monster University, because he can't pass the competition by himself, and it is because of their cooperation that he can return to Monster University together.  This is also the case in our life. Only by cooperating with our friends can we achieve what we could not have achieved. Moreover, sometimes enemies can become friends as long as they open their hearts.
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